About Us:

Gear-Nut.com was created as a way to provide practical reviews on a wide array of gear, electronics or other various awesome products. The Gear-Nut aims to provide reviews based on observation, experience and results rather than specifications and manufacturer driven stories. The gear we test is gear we own, and we typically own it for a reason… Either because we feel it is one of the best products available in it’s category. Or because we feel the product shows great potential to deliver.

Many products can be marketed as one thing but in reality they are far from the fact. This is an issue that we at gear-nut.com, and likely many of you have experienced when buying products online. You read the reviews, you did you homework, you shopped critically, and when the product arrives, you are sorely let down. With any product we cover on our site, we aim to eliminate ambivalence for the critical shopper and equip them with practical knowledge that allows our readers to have a true understanding of the product being evaluated.

We hope you enjoy the content provided on our site and we appreciate your support.


The Gear-Nut.com