DJI Mavic Pro Broken Gimbal Ribbon Fix


FSLabs DJI Mavic Pro Gimbal Flexible Flat Pcb Gimbal Ribbon Cable – WORKS!

Broke my Mavic Pro’s gimbal ribbon three days ago. After reading the nightmares people have been having with DJI’s repair / service department I decided I would take a crack at fixing this my self to save money and time. I rolled the dice and won, this ribbon assembly from FSLabs works beautifully and my gimbal is back in perfect working order. For now…

I am happy to report that you can order a replacement ribbon from on Amazon from Fstop Labs

The entire repair process took roughly 1 hour and using the videos linked below… was a fairly straightforward operation.

Getting the Case Open

Disassembling DJI Mavic Pro Gimbal


I strongly suggest people that are thinking of doing this repair to invest in a cheap toolkit like I did. I purchased a pry bar kit used for cell phones and then a mini driver set that worked beautifully and the quality is surprisingly good for what you pay!

Mini Driver Set

Prybar Set




20170428_114526 20170428_114220 20170428_113116




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