Iphone 5 Case Review: Lifeproof vs Songkran 2013

lifeproof iphone 5 case review

My i-phone 5 vs the Songkran, the World’s largest, government approved, water fight on the planet! 

With the Thai New Year only days away, the city of Chiang Mai will become what is quite possibly,  the World’s largest water fight for 2 days straight. In an attempt to capture video footage and take photos, I will be equipping my Iphone 5 with LifeProof’s Iphone 5 Case that is marketed as being able to keep my phone dry in the potential conditions I am soon to face.

Will the LifeProof Iphone 5 Case walk the talk? I sure hope so.



The water fight celebratory phase of Songkran in Chiang Mai is coming to and end tomorrow. I have logged about ten minutes of video footage on my iphone 5 while riding around the streets and old town and I am going to say that the LifeProof fulfilled it’s duties.

The case worked remarkably well as it took countless direct hits of water while recording Thailand’s New Year of mayhem, otherwise known as Songkran. I like this case because it allows the phone to retain almost complete functionality. You can still use the vibrate / audible switch, power switch, and volume control buttons in addition to being able to access the bottom port & headphone jack. Probably the most important aspect to mention is how well touch screen worked. I the screen responded very well when I needed to type or use an application – there are a few instances where I had some typing issues but in general, it worked fine.

The phone case worked well for the instance in which I was using it but it is not perfect. I look forward to seeing what a 2.0 version of the Iphone 5 Lifeproof case will look like. I will be touching base on these points and discussing the case in greater detail on an upcoming ‘versus’  review I will be posting up on on my site in the near future..

The Final Verdict? While I have not been able to test the LifeProof in actual submerged conditions – I would say for general use where you may be exposed to copious amounts of water – that the case does it’s job. Kayaking, Fly Fishing, Mountain Biking, Slip and Sliding, gator hunting, etc… you get the point. I will say however, I have seen competitors releasing their own variations of “waterproof” cases and they look equally as enticing… I have yet to see these other products, but do your self a favor and make sure to inspect all of them to see which works best.

I will be comparing 3 different phone cases (LifeProof, Incipio Dual Pro, X-Doria Defense 360), and discussing their various strengths, weaknesses and how I came to ultimately own all three. Stay tuned for a gear-nut.com versus review and hopefully I can help you save a few bucks by picking out the right phone case the first time.



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